The range of machines we design and produce includes:

  • Feeding – transit – storage tables
  • Blowing tables
  • Dosing machines in single-dose Bottles-Tubes-Sachets of liquids, foaming liquids, high viscosity creams, gels, hot products and others.
  • Capping/closing machines and ringing machines
  • Packaging machines: horizontal casing machines, vertical and horizontal casing machines.

Our automatic machines are all new generation and more precisely:

  • they are fully electronically programmable by keyboard.
  • they also allow the less experienced operator to regulate the machine in total autonomy and thanks to the electronics we can provide remote-assistance to modify and/or carry out maintenance during a phone call.
  • furthermore, through the keypad, the operator can also exclude certain production phases and in the event of a breakdown of a motor, the machine does not stop completely but continues excluding only the movement affected by the broken motor, or where a phase is not necessary for a particular application.
  • over the years we have developed and patented a liquid filling system based on a peristaltic system that allows dosing of hot and cold creams and gels. It does not require a mechanical format change, thus eliminating the expensive system of valves and syringes.
  • This system can be sterilised on site or can be dismantled quickly within 15 minutes.
  • The user can decide in total autonomy and also after the purchase, to perform productions different from the original requirements.
  • Format change is simple and clean: transport adjustment (bottle, cap, case), dosage and speed are stored and recalled according to the needs of the recipe and the formats.


Electronics                     SIEMENS/OMRON/CMZ/SCHNEIDER

Pneumatic                     FESTO/SMC/METALWORKS

Protection hoods        MACAP/MILPAS/PRO SYSTEM

Steel            INOX AISI 316L/ANTICORDAL/ERGAL (certified if required)

Plastic materials           POLYETHYLENE AND OTHERS (certified if required)

Other materials are ceramic, Pirex, carbon, palladium, titanium, etc.