Alternating and continuous capping machines

Alternating or continuous capping machine, completely electronic.
Control panel with touch screen for machine/operator dialogue that allows the storage of production cycles in specific recipes.

Possible capping operations:

  • Pressure
  • Screw on
  • Locking ring
  • Tear

Machine structure

  • In aluminium with protection casing in stainless steel AISI 304
  • evelling anti-vibration feet
  • Protection hood in polycarbonate and shatter-proof glass with double-contact micro-switch.

Equipment on demand

  • Glass shatter-proof protection hood
  • Explosion-proof system
  • Laminar flow
  • Automatic feeding under-caps and/or caps
  • Feeders of bottles or containers in bulk
Minimum container dimensions (mm) Ø25xH40 Ø25xH40 Ø25xH40
Maximum container dimensions (mm) Ø100xH280 Ø100xH280 Ø100xH280
Seaming or gas inlet Yes Yes Yes
Maximum speed (pc/hour) TTS ECO/1 2500
TTS/2 5000
TTS ECO MED/2 5000
TTS MED/3   7500
TTS STD/2 5000
TTS STD/4 10000
Overall dimensions (mm) 2200x1040x2000H 2950x1040x2000H 3700x1040x2000H